5 ways to handle Job Offers like a true professional

by Andrew Childerley

5 ways to handle Job Offers like a true professional.

Congratulations! You’ve received a job offer following a long interview process. The competition is beaten. You are walking tall. Feeling good. Job done. But; and there’s always a but...what should you do next?

Here are 5 steps to securing the job of your dreams like a true pro...

  1. Don’t Panic!

I’ve worked in recruitment for over 20 years and I’d be an extremely wealthy man if every interview I’d booked turned into a placement. Usually at least a third of all interviews fail to progress beyond the first stage. So when an offer comes in; it can be a pleasant surprise but it is also important to remain calm and work out a clear plan of action.

  1. Speed and clarity is essential

Time kills deals – this means that if you delay your decision without providing a clear timescale to your potential new employer; it will reflect badly on you and could lead to the offer being withdrawn. So in order to avoid this pitfall...

  1. Agree a Plan of Action

You would be amazed how often candidates get themselves in a muddle over job offers. Some have even resigned from their current employment before even receiving a job offer! So here’s my suggested stage-by-stage process...

  • Don't resign until you have an offer in writing (email copy is fine).
  • If you’re happy with the verbal offer; accept it and ask for a written offer.
  • Once you have the written offer; acknowledge receipt ASAP, tell the company when you will be formally responding (ideally no longer than 3 working days).
  • Read through the written offer/contract, clarify/question/negotiate if required, request a revised copy if needed, agree a new response date.
  • Return the signed offer/contract by the agreed time/date.
  1. The never evers...
  • Never ever miss the agreed response dates.
  • Never ever stop communicating with the recruiter/company even if your circumstances have changed.
  • Never ever accept more than one job offer at once. If you need time to consider multiple offers; agree a timescale with all interested parties.   
  • Never ever use another company’s offer as a means of leverage against your current employer to get a better deal – playing roulette with your reputation in the industry is never a good idea.
  1. Don’t forget your manners

Behind your job offer is a hard working recruiter, HR team, and line managers/Directors who have given up their time to progress your career. Don’t forget to say thanks both verbally and in writing; it means more than you think.

Wrap up...

The simple truth is that if handle your job offer correctly you’ll not only get the job you wanted but you will also increase your reputation in the market as a true professional...and your industry reputation is worth more than your current salary.  


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