Why AI can't replace the human touch in recruitment

by Andrew Childerley

Why AI can't replace the human touch in recruitment

In today's competitive talent market, attracting the best and brightest candidates requires more than just posting a job description online. It's about creating a positive candidate experience, one that fosters genuine connection and leaves a lasting impression.

While AI tools offer undeniable efficiency in screening CV's and processing applications, they can fall short when it comes to building relationships and understanding the human element of recruitment. As we've always said "recruitment is about people".

The problem with automation:

Imagine a passive candidate applying for their dream job. They're excited as this opportunity provides the career growth they're looking for. An expert at what they do and more than qualified but perhaps lacking experience writing a modern CV. They apply online and receive a generic, automated ATS email acknowledging their application. The system doesn't identify any CV keywords and mis-grades their application. They get overlooked and weeks pass with no communication. Finally, a robotic rejection arrives.

This impersonal approach, fuelled solely by automation and AI algorithms, can leave top talent feeling disengaged and undervalued. Running the risk of missing out on talented candidates purely on a CV writing benchmarking process the role doesn't require. Eventually you'll develop a reputation for poor communication and lack of customer service. Perhaps the opposite of how you envisaged AI working for you!

The human advantage:

We may be little "old school" at Technical Moves but we believe in the value of human connection. We've been recruiting for over 20 years, finding talent in some of the most challenging times. Our advice is to be more than just CV scanners. Invest time and resources to truly understand a potential candidate, their skills and motivation. By personally engaging with each application you'll uncover the best candidates, not just the ones who tick the most boxes on a digital form.......You'll be surprised how many candidates leave relevant details out of CV's to keep it concise which only comes to light when asked. 

Building a bridge, not a wall: 

In a recent talent survey, LinkedIN estimates 65% of candidates list a bad interview experience as a key reason to make them lose interest in a position. With the lack of available talent, it’s never been more important to get both your attraction and application process right. Imagine how a candidate would feel receiving a personalised video message from their potential team, contrasting sharply with an automated email from one of you competitors. Which company do you think has captured the candidate’s interest?

Balancing AI’s efficiency with a human touch requires a nuanced approach. Think of AI as a tool, not a replacement. We use it to streamline the initial stages of recruitment, freeing up our time to focus on what truly matters: building relationships with candidates and assessing them as people. Engage in personalised communication, provide insightful feedback and keep candidates informed throughout the process.  

Building long term relationships with talent really works, even if they're not the perfect fit for the current role. This fosters a positive employer brand that attracts top candidates for future opportunities.

The Future of recruitment:

We believe the future of recruitment lies in a harmonious blend of technology and human expertise. By harnessing the power of AI for efficiency and focusing on what can't be replaced - the strength of building relationships. This creates a winning recruitment strategy that attracts and retains the best talent for your team.

Ready to take the next step?

Getting your recruitment campaigns right takes time and investment. There are no shortcuts in a talent short market. Our recruitment partnering takes the hassle away whilst adding maximum value to your recruitment strategy. We'll find the talent for you, leaving you to continue with what you do best.

If you're interested in learning more about how our human-centric approach can benefit your recruitment campaigns, contact us today to and find out how we can help you find the perfect talent to build your dream team.


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